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Vulfumentary II

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

People often ask me when Vulfumentary II is coming out. "Alexa," they say inquisitively, "when is Vulfumentary II coming out?"

If you don't know, Vulfumentary was a video I made roughly four years ago. It was a direct response to a guy on Twitter who asked me to explain my favorite band to him. I started writing an outrageous response, and then after speaking with a friend, I realized it would be funnier as a video.

I wrote a brief outline and pitched it to my best friend at the time, who was also a film major. We were frustrated with the lack of experience we were getting, so I thought, "why not make something together?"

The short was filmed over the course of two days, half of the time on my shitty DSLR I got my junior year of high school, and the other half filmed on my laptop. I had a few friends contribute digital art for it, and it seemed like a labor of love. It really wasn't supposed to be seen by more than the ~1000 or so people who were in the fan group at the time.

Today it has 125k views. Pretty cool.

Vulfumentary has received a lot of love (and still does) and a lot of hate. What people don't seem to realize is that the video was made for fun, as a joke. A lot of people come into it thinking it's a serious documentary- I mean, you get two minutes in, and that should become strikingly obvious.

Since it's come out, people have shockingly asked about a sequel.

And I'm not sure I have an answer for you.

There are two routes to take here: serious documentary, or a goof-around shenanigan round two.

If I were to take the latter route, ideally I would frame it around the origin stories of the "former-adjacents" like Cory, Antwaun, and Joey. I'd tell the story of how Cory was named after a song by a local Canadian jazz outfit, "Wœulfpeque," amongst other tall tales.

But if I were to make a sequel, done in a traditional documentary setting, here's how I might go about that:

In an ideal situation, it would be framed around a big event. We've already done MSG, so where do the boys go next? What could this be? A festival performance? Debut in another country? Honorary knighthood? The possibilities here are endless.

Then I would chronicle the actual origin of the band. I'd individually interview each guy on their interpretation of the start, and lace them together with animations done on their version of events.

Additionally, I'd interview the adjacent members, friends, family, and contemporaries on their perception of the band's rise to fame, in the places they came to be: Ann Arbor, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.

I think a large portion of the doc would be a focus on the booming online fan community that they've created. It would be amazing to explore the friendships, the drama, and the collaborations it has spawned.

Maybe it would all work out better as a mini-series.

Who knows? But with the way the world is, could it ever happen again?

The point is, I have no idea if or when it's coming out. But it's nice to dream.

What are your thoughts?

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